April 30th, 2007

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Boy or Man?

Title: Boy or Man?
Rating: PG
Challenge: HBP
Author's Note: This is my little out take of when Snape goes to Voldemort and tells him about the prophecy. Any guesses to why our dearest former Potions professor is feeling this way? Hummmmmmmmmm?

He stares at the kneeling boy before him. Hair just below the ears, ebony and brackish in disposition. Pale, shallow skin, nose that hooks slightly pointing to his thin, almost cruel, mouth. The perfect appearance of a Slytherin; the perfect disciple to his cause.

“So, you bring me information. Something that will be of use to me.”

Both said as questions but left as statements. They are not allowed to displease him.

“Yes, my lord.”

The mixture of hate, sorrow, and listlessness in his eyes would have bothered Tom more if the words of the boy hadn’t been so intriguing.